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Building Specifications

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MINERGIE is the quality certificate that guarantees optimal comfort with low energy consumption. Next to the normal standard of insulation, the better insulated and thicker GebaANudehülle ensures more living comfort through controlled living space ventilation, the lungs of MINERGIE-Bauten.

The comfort ventilation system supplies the residents with fresh air. Noise, pollen and germs remain outside. Excess moisture is also removed, reducing the risk of building damage considerably. Naturally the windows can still be opened with comfort ventilation, ensuring connection with the outdoors.

The capital costs of a MINERGIE building lies between 5 – 10% higher than that of buildings with a normal standard, but the operating costs are substantially lower. Many cantons help to promote building using MINERGIE and even some banks grant MINERGIE mortgages with advantageous conditions. There are also additional benefits such as increased comfort, less building damage, independent of energy prices, etc.

MINERGIE is a registered trademark. The certificate (Minergie label) and the associated number, guarantees that that particular building is up to standard.


Concrete foundation slabs, exterior walls and ceilings stay as visible concrete, possibly in part raw Schichtex, (where thermally necessary). Interior walls partly exposed concrete, partly raw limestone. The entrance and stairwell is plastered and painted white.

Ground and Upper Floors

Exterior and interior walls of brick or limestone, where structurally required, in concrete.


External, rendered, heat insulation, abrasion 2mm, painted sand coloured or specified by the architect (prominant back possibly painted in a contrast colour or something darker).

Roof construction

Concrete ceiling, with insulation above, bituminous flat roof. Coverings with concrete slabs, wooden grating, gravel roof or an extensive green area.


Windows in wood and metal, IV-glazing U-value glass at least 1.0 W/m2K to EN 673. Entrance doors and windows on the ground floor and hillside level with burglar-proof fittings and laminated safety glass (wherever accessible from the outside)

Electrical Systems

High standard power installations, electrical sockets in sufficient quantity. Basement and cellar areas include lighting. All venetian blinds operated by electric motors. Low power ISDN, door buzzer and intercom system with automatic door opener. Living room and bedroom with telephone and TV connection. In addition, separate rooms have conduits for future stereo systems.


Geothermal probe fed pump. The geothermal heating saves up to 60% in comparison to a convential heating system. Environmentally friendly heat without fumes and Co2 emmissions. Heat distribution: floor heating with separate electric meters for each apartment. Thermostat in each room for individual temperature regulation.

Controlled Ventilltion

Each unit has an individually adjustable and controlled ventillation. Additional air supply is carried into the living rooms and bedrooms, the discharged air through the bathrooms and adjoining rooms. Heat is recovered through the discharged air. Possibility of fitting a pollen filter as an option.

Sanitary Facilities

Central hot water boiler in the basement. The hot water is provided by the heat pump. Hot water pipes, with electrical heater band or circulation, to the individual residential units. Sanitary equipment desired by the buyers, to be obtained at Sanitas Troesch. Budgeted price CHF 30,000.- (gross including VAT 8%). The prepared makeship appliance list acts as a guide. Washing machine and dryer are included in the purchase price and are therefore not part of the appliance list.

Walk-in showers with channel design, clear glass shower wall. Wall basin including fittings, mirrored bathroom cabinet with lighting, toilet facilities with accessories.

Standard sized bath, double sink faucets, mirrored bathroom cabinet with double doors and lighting, toilet facilities with accessories.

Each apartment has one garden valve on the roof terrace and ground floor seating area.


Apart from the drains, design is based entirely according to the buyers wishes. Vendor: According to the builders, the budget price is CHF 60,000.- (gross including VAT 8%) per apartment.


Hall cupboard and fitted wardrobes: Budgeted price CHF 12,000.- (gross indluding VAT 8%). Doors made of tubular chip board, painted door leaf, bluntly beaten, fine steel frames with sealing tape for increased comfort.

Sun Protection and Blackout

All windows are fitted out with elegant venetian blinds, which are operated by electric motors. Used as heat and weather protection for the roof terraces and covered seating areas. All ground floor seating areas are fitted out with an awning, size 550/300cm, electric, with a wind guard. Colour specified by the architect.

Inner walls and Ceilings

Plastering with base and final rendering. Final rendering for walls and ceilings: white plaster, painted white.

Underlay / Cement Coatings

Living areas and basement entrance: floating underlay with impact sound insulation. Flooring in garage, storage rooms, shelter, basement and bike room with raw cement coating.

Flooring, Stone Flooring in Bathrooms

Shower/WC and bath/WC:
Ceramic floor tiles, glued to underlay.
Budgeted price: CHF 160.- / m2 (gross including VAT 8%).
Laundry in basement and HG with ceramic floor tiles.
Budgeted price: CHF 80.- /m2 (gross including VAT 8%).
MFA entrance and staircase with granit flooring, specified by the architect.

Flooring in Remaining Living Area

Entrance hall, living room, dining area, kitchen, rooms: Adhesive wood parquet, colourless oil surface treatment, white wooden base.
Budgeted price: CHF 180.- /m2 (gross including VAT 8%).

Wallcoverings and Tile Work

Shower/WC and bath/WC ceramic wall tiles, glued to base coat, up to 2m above floor, remaining wall with white plaster and painted.
Budgeted price: CHF 160.- / m2 (gross including VAT 8%).

Elevator System

Elevator from basement to top floor, wheelchair accessible, 6 persons, includes machine room in basement.


Exposed concrete steps, with floor covering of natural stone (specified by the architect).

Interior Railings

Where required: steel construction with vertical beams, painted anthracite.

External Railings

Glass railing in laminated clear safety glass.

Stove-Fitter Work

Optional (at extra charge) fireplace/wood burner can be installed in every apartment (this of course depends on the building progress/status of work).

Main Entrance

Main entrance: metal door with glass, laminated clear safety glass.

Apartment Entrance Door

Solid core door panels with steel frames, increased acoustic isolation KABA-cylinder, spy, three-point lock (increased burglary resistance).

Garden / Terrace

Decking: concrete slabs laid in gravel, plus 20, 2m wooden grating per unit. Home entrance set with paving stones and cement slabs, paved exit ramp in the garage. Lawns and general landscaping.


1 visitor parking on the property.
Private parking in the enclosed garage.


Low level garage with entrance / exit. Walls and ceilings: concrete or raw limestone.

Garage Door

Metal garage doors, smooth fronts, anthracite, electrically operated with remote control.


Central letter boxes in house entrance (subject to approval from the Post Office).

Subject to change, December 2010

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