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This pulsing Swiss economic metropole offers, besides a genuine city feeling, sensational shopping miles, diverse cultural happenings, dynamic scenes as well as a particular tranquillity. From 2001 till 2008, Zürich was distinguished seven times for the worlds best quality of life. Zürich is for many the absolute European trend city. You will find simply everything here. More than 2,000 restaurants serving food from all over the world, approx. 100 hotels with 12,000 beds and a diverse night life with just under 500 bars, nightclubs and discos. Whatever your shopping heart desires, you will find it on the Bahnhofstrasse, in the old part of town or at the markets. On fixed dates, you can visit “World Class in Zürich" athletics meeting, the Swiss Open Tennis Tournament, bike racing "Zürimetzgete" and the CSI Show Jumping, as well as Sechseläuten, the traditional spring Guild Parade, not to forget the Street Parade, The Theater Spectacle and the Zürich Festival.

The highstanding public transport, the excellent accessbility by train and internationally, the nearby airport Zürich-Kloten, enables comfortable travelling.

20mins by car / 17mins by public transport



Zürichs own mountain offers many attractions. For example the most visited hiking trails in the area surrounding Zürich! On your way over the Höhenzug between Uetliberg and the Albispass, you will be rewarded with the most impressive views of the city of Zürich, Lake Zürich as well as the central Swiss Alps. Countless trails are possible and
are marked well.

Albispass 25mins by car
Felsenegg 30mins by car
Uetliberg 35mins by car to Ringlikon then by foot


Lindt & Sprüngli

Here at the headquarters of Switzerland's most famous chocolate factory, you can stock up on chocolate to your heart's delight.. By the way, to further indulge one's sweet tooth, special sales always occur before
Christmas and Easter.

15 minutes by car / 30 mins public transport


Küsnachter Tobel

Take a 1 1/2 hr walk from the Forch railway station through the picturesque Küsnacht Tobel down to Lake Zürich. The park at the end of your walk provides a wonderful opportunity for a picnic or a dip in the lake. Along your comfortable walk, you will pass some medieval castle ruins, the small "Dragon's Cave", a nature trail, the Küsnacht local museum and much more.

Forch 35mins by car / 80mins public transport


Nature reserve, leisure and recreation area, Greifensee

Lake Greifen is a very popular excursion destination. Greifensee is also the name of the historical town which offers interesting cultural happenings, diverse restaurants as well as guest houses offering rooms in the "town area". Greifensee is proud of its castle which can be rented for meetings and occasions of all kinds.

One can take a dip in the lake (small bathes). For boat fans there is the possibility to rent boats or take a ship trip.

There are many trails, the most beautiful along the lake's shore. This attractive trail is approx. 17 km long and takes you through shore land and nature reserve. These trails are reserved, with a few exceptions, for hikers alone. It is possible to begin or end your walk at
Lake Greifen.

Besides this, you will find a Vita Parcourse, a jogging path, tennis courts and football fields as well as the Migros sport and recreation park Milandia, which offers sport and the possibility to take varied courses .

Next to extensive recreation zones, in which you can enjoy the abovementioned activities, Lake Greifen also offers excellent opportunities to observe the flora and fauna in peace and quiet.


Wild Game Park Zürich

While walking in the Sihl Forest, you will come upon areas of historical or legendary background, breathtaking lookouts or tranquil sites. Since the year 2000, the Sihl Forest has developed into a natural forest without any human intervention. The nationally recognised nature and recreation park, Zürich Sihl Forest lies in the center of the Zürich conglomeration. This area, together with the Zimmerberg, Reppisch Valley and the whole Albis chain, builds the largest continuous beech tree forest in Switzerland.

Sihl Forest (15mins by car)


More ideas:


Horgen–Meilen Ferry

Instead of driving around the whole Zürich lake, you can cross it in a few minutes. Instead of being caught in traffic congestion between Zürich and Rapperswil, you can reach Meilen and the entrance to the Zürich Oberland in only a few stress free minutes. A ferry ride in the middle of a normal day offers fresh air and a well earned break. Nothing to do for a few minutes but delight in the atmosphere of lake and sky, admire the alpen panorama and enjoy a mini holiday on the ferry for ten minutes, before arriving in Meilen.

Ferry station Horgen 10mins by car

Zürich Airport

Flughafen Zürich

Zürich's International Airport, with over 200,000 flights per year, is easily accessible via the new Üetliberg Tunnel. 60,000 passengers fly out daily to every destination in the world. It is a great experience to view the airport's comings and goings from the visitor's terrace or with a guided tour. The airport offers excellent shopping possibilites, a shopping mall which is open the whole year round and till all hours. Inline skaters, cyclists or joggers can profit from the 18 kms surrounding the airport and nature lovers will find a diversified plant and animal world.

30mins by car / 45mins with public transport



The "village" is the centre of Horgen (418m above sea level). Here you will find, in this small area, the setting for cultural and social living, as well as the most important shopping possibilities. Embedded between Lake Zürich and the Albis chain, bordering on Wädenswil, Hirzel, Hausen, Thalwil and Oberrieden, Horgen's extensive fields and forests are highly valued by the forestry as well as seekers of leisure and recreation.


Mining Museum Käpfnach

The mining shafts in Käpfnach, where coal was still mined up until after the 2nd World War, can be visited today. The Mining Museum has recorded an important part of Swiss industrial history.

www.bergwerk-kaepfnach.ch 10mins by car

The Au Peninsula

The Au Peninsula lies between Horgen and Wädenswil and opens up to beautiful views of Lake Zürich and the surrounding mountains. It has its own ship's mooring area which is used by the Lake Zürich Shipping Company. While walking along its trails, one can discover the many natural and cultural sights offered.

5mins by car / 15mins public transport

www.halbinselau.ch www.weinbaumuseum.ch

Zürich International School

The Zürich International School, including a kindergarten and primary school for English speaking children, is situated in Wädenswil.

This school is supported by a non-profit organisation. The ZIS came about in 2001 during the merger of two international schools with a high percentage of American students. In the meantime, this percentage has reduced considerably to only 22%. About 15% of the ZIS students come from Great Britain, 12% have a Swiss passport. The remaining 50% come from one of each of the five continents.

At the present with over 1,400 students from over 55 countries, the ZIS is one of the largest international schools in Switzerland and is one of the only two internationally credited schools in the metropolitan area of Zürich.

4mins by car / 12mins public transport


Rötiboden Lakeview Residence

New construction of apartment buildings in Wädenswil ZH

To Lakeview Residence


The city of Wädenswil offers its 20,000 inhabitants a high quality of living. Wädenswil is seen as a residential, research and cultural city, offering, with the ZHAW (Zürich College for Practical Science), the agricultural research institute Agroscope, the Gastronomy school, the Zürich International School and further educational institutes, a widespread range of educational possibilities with international charisma.

The extensive infrastructure and its easily accessible location, as well as to the economic and cultural center of Zürich, is highly valued. Wädenswil has also a great variety of its own culture and sport possibilities which leaves nothing to be desired. There is an indoor swimming pool, library, movie house, Theatre "Ticino" with high quality guest performances, a billiard centre and a large amount of clubs etc. As well as this, the nearby lake shore and forests, with their idyllic walks and intact nature, invite you to share their special magic.

The train takes 17mins to reach Zürich's main station. Express trains going to Basel and Chur stop at the station. A check-in desk for all airlines at the railway station simplifies flights to overseas. A bus stop is nearby and the Wädenswil railway station is reached by foot in 10mins. Wädenswil is also, with the expressway A3 (Zürich – Chur), perfectly connected by car. The schools of Wädenswil have a high niveau and are only 500 meters away, from kindergarten level up to
highschool level.


Wädi Brewery

Brew your own beer at the Wädi Brewery! In one of the brewing seminars, you will learn everything on the subject of brewing beer. Wädenswil beer is brewed from biological
raw products.

Bio products have become primary since the founding of the Wädi Brewery AG. Wädenswil was the first brewery to brew Swiss bio beer as well as being the first guesthouse brewery. The spirit of invention and development is what led this brewery to feel even today, duty bound and motivated in realising new ideas.

The corresponding guesthouse in the centre of Wädenswil, has the most tranquil and beautiful garden in the area. The restaurant offers 200 seats, nearly half of these are found in a bright and non smoking conservatory.

4mins by car / 20mins public transport



Stäfa is the largest wine producing community in the canton of Zürich and has a long tradition of wine production, thanks to the sunny location on the "Gold Coast".

Sights to visit in Stäfa are the Guesthouse Alte Krone, where Johann Wolfgang von Goethe stayed overnight in 1797 when visiting his friend Johann Heinrich Meyer. A memorial plaque as well as the so called "Goethe Bench" marks this occasion. Here one can enjoy an excellent view of the Zürich Lake, the island of Ufenau, the Etzel and the alps.

Reblehrpfad Stäfa-Uerikon
Learn more about grapevines and work done in the vineyards, which are nature protected by the community of Stäfa, as well as enjoy the wonderful views of the Zürich Lake.

35mins by car / 50mins Horgen–Meilen ferry


Restaurant Eichmühle

The beautifully kept Restaurant Eichmühle stands majestically in the most beautiful surroundings. The former farmhouse was built around 400 years ago and mentioned the first time in the chronicles of the city of Wädenswil. The Eichmühle has been pampering guests from all over the world for more than 100 years with its culinary delights.
French cuisine of the very best.

Decide for yourself, where you would like to be pampered. In one of the two cosy salons, in the modern conservatory with views across to the opposite shores of the Zürich Lake or in the relaxed garden, which is open in summer.

2009 Gault Millau 16 points

4mins by car / 18mins by foot



Diverse excursions with one of the attractive ships belonging to the Lake Zürich Shipping Company. Discover the lake from a different perspective, take the morning ship to Zürich and visit the market at Bürkliplatz. Large and small boat trips are offered as well as different theme trips.
Take part in this magic world with the BBQ, Salsa, Fondue, Dolce Vita or Oldies ship.

To the port 5mins by car / 15mins public transport


Hoch Ybrig

The ski region is nearby and offers skiers or snowboarders varied slopes, many mountain restaurants, as well as toboggan and hiking trails for young and old.

In summer you will find green fields, cosy forests and simple mountain inns. There are many things to discover on the over 100 km long hiking and walking trails. The motto is "Experience and Enjoy".

Hoch Ybrig with its majestic backdrop, offers the ideal scenery for unforgettable nature and sport adventures, in summer and winter. It is definitely worth a visit!

50mins by car



The ski lift in Brunni at 1100 m above sea level, lies mostly in a fog free area in the middle of the ski region Brunni-Alpthal. The Brunni ski lift has an excellenty located at the foot of the majestic Mythen, guaranteeing an abundance of snow. Three slopes with different degrees of difficulty, ensure a varied skiing experience. One has a fantastic view of all the slopes from the impressive valley ski lift sun terrace, this allows you to comfortable keep an eye on your children at all times. The wide slopes are maintained daily, ensuring trouble free skiing. There are no streets, houses or telephone poles to get in your way as you ski down the slope.

A summer excursion on foot on the Mythen is hard to beat. Once at the top, a panorama awaits you that stretches over the Vierwaldstätter Lake and the centre of Switzerland.

35mins by car



Lake Sihl is the largest artificial lake in Switzerland. It is an attractive recreation area in summer and winter. Lake Sihl invites you to swim, surf, sail as well as row and fish. Hiking along well marked trails, walking along the lake, biking, paragliding, even cross country skiing in winter are further recreational possibilities.
On the lake one can find peace, relaxation, regeneration and strength before getting back to the daily routine.

25mins by car



The famous Einsiedeln Convent, with its interesting convent life (wine cellars, shops, stables and guesthouse) is definitely worth a visit. As well as this, Einsiedeln offers much more, such as cultural highlights (convent, chapels, museums, theatre etc), considerable sport and recreational possibilities (skiing, cross-country skiing, hiking, water and ice sports, riding etc.) which enhances the attractiveness of the region.

30mins by car


Golf Nuolen

The Golf Park Nuolen is considered one of the most beautiful golf courses in Switzerland. The resort is nestled in a picturesque landscape, with wonderful expansive views of the Glarus mountains and of the upper Zürich lake, the Linth lowlands and across the causeway up to Rapperswil.

Charming ponds and lakes, a brook and a constantly growing tree population as well as the outer bounderies, provide a highly challenging game requiring great concentration and focus.

The Golf Park Nuolen also has a spacious training facility, with driving range, approach area and putting green, where one can train on a short game or on long distance shots.

20 min by car



The town of Lachen, situated at the highest point of Lake Zürich, is famous for being one of the most beautiful places on the lake. The town centre, the lake area with its harbour and public promenade and the late Baroque parish church with its twin onion domes are particularly worth visiting. The parish church is the landmark of the whole upper lake area. Consecrated in the year 1711, it is the most beautiful religious Baroque building
in the region.

25mins by car


Casino Pfäffikon

Place your bets ladies and gentlemen!......... Immerse yourself in the fascinating casino world and try your luck at the
Casino Pfäffikon SZ.

Is it the friendly staff who welcomes and attends to you? Is it the attentive and discreet service that gives you the feeling of being welcome. Or is it simply the glamorous interior, that gives you the feeling of being in Las Vegas? Here everyone does their utmost to ensure you have an unforgettable evening.

15mins by car / 35mins public transport


Panorama Resort Feusisberg

The Panorama Resort and Spa is a unique place for switching off and relaxing. A first class spa, restaurants to pamper the senses and a stylish lounge guarantee unforgettable moments in a magical place. Immerse yourself in the fascinating worlds – far from all urban hectic. Furthermore the Panorama Resort Feusisberg is an ideal place for business meetings as well as for holding workshops, seminars or conferences.

15mins by car



Most probably the closest ski lift in winter. When the snows down to the lowest altitudes, one can ski or hike through the magical winter countryside with snow shoes.

There are cross country ski trails of 7km, 11km, 15km and 20km, skating or traditional as well as night trails (4km). When walking in summer, one enjoys nature at its best. One can forget the daily problems and just enjoy being. The largest moorlands in Switzerland lie at your feet.

15mins by car



This largest covered water park in Europe is open 365 days a year and offers action and relaxation at Lake Zürich since 30 years.

There are ten water slides with a complete length of 1500 meters at Alpamare, where you will experience thrills guaranteed to raise your adrenalin level. The river pool, Rio Mare and the indoor wave pool ensures young and old an adventure swimming experience. Those seeking relaxation visit the Alpa-Therme and the 36°C warm Jod-Sole-Therme (iodine). A fun-filled swimming and wellness experience is just near you.

20mins by car / 50mins public transport



Roses decorate the city's coat of arms, and in the public gardens 15,000 rose bushes of 600 different varieties, bloom from June to October. The imposing castle from the 13 hundreds and the Capuchin Convent dated 1606 as well as a part of the ancient city wall, are signs of an active past.

The old part of town, with its landmarked historical buildings, invites you to stroll around and relax.

One can often feel the Mediterranean holiday atomosphere along the lake promenade which tempts guests to stop at the many sidewalk cafés. You can experience one of the most beautiful sunsets on Lake Zürich.

The historical and friendly old part of town with its bustling alleys and squares offers cultural aspects as well as varied cuisine. Rapperswil-Jona is a popular recreation destination with an excellent infrastructure.

A particular attraction here is Knies Children's Zoo: elephant rides, llama feeding or petting giraffes, meet wild animals up close at Knies Children's Zoo and experience an unforgettable day in the animal kingdom.

20mins by car

www.knieskinderzoo.ch www.rapperswil-jona.ch

Insel Ufenau

This small island belongs to the convent of Einsiedeln for hundreds of years. Traces of a gallo-roman temple was found beneath the medieval St Peter and Paul church. The island is 112,645 sq meters and is a popular excursion destination because of its original condition and idyllic location. There is also a guesthouse on the island. In summer ships run on a daily basis to the island of Ufenau.

Accessible only by ship


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